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ACEE Global

ACEE Global is the exclusive recruitment partner and proud provider of services for the Johns Hopkins University School of Education International Teaching and Global Leadership (ITGL) Cohort. The ITGL program is an intensive Master of Science in Education degree option that prepares international educators to become innovative education leaders with the knowledge and skills to transform schools, systems, and other fast-changing learning environments worldwide.

The ACEE Residence and Living Support Services is an optional service offered exclusively to ITGL students that provides fully furnished housing that includes utilities and Wi-Fi within walking distance of campus. We also act as the student’s living support resource and emergency contact in addition to many other amenities included in this service.

The ACEE Integration Support Services is designed to help students studying abroad understand their new environments, overcome cultural challenges, gain clarity, increase execution, and relate better to local norms and customs. We enhance the cultural adaptability needed to avoid frustrations and anxiety, making their experience enjoyable.

The ACEE Career Advising and Job Support Services is a career development program personally tailored to help prepare each student for their future. Our personalized service goes beyond what college campuses offer. Whether the student’s goal is OPT or continuing their education, our team and extensive network help position them for success.