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International High School – Dual Diploma

The ACEE Dual Diploma Program implements your high school’s curriculum into a top International high school in China that is already using AP and IB curriculums. Reasons you should consider the ACEE Dual Diploma program.

U.S. High School Opportunities

Expand your school’s brand to international markets

Increase your school’s profile with international students on your campus

Establish a new foreign language program in your school without increasing your cost

Re-energize your summer program or create a new one with an international twist

Improve the academic quality of international students on your campus by building a lasting relationship with an international sister school that is teaching your curriculum

Foreign International School Opportunities

Offer a program that will give your students graduation credentials from both schools markets

Offer more specialized American academic and cultural experiences

Students can study on your sister school campus for one semester or a whole school year

Use the sister school diploma to apply to U.S. colleges and universities

Attract more students who want to go to U.S. colleges and universities with your sister school’s curriculum and diploma

Benefits to Both Schools

Students can receive credit for studying on each other’s campus

Students and teachers can learn from their sister school throughout the year

Chances to travel to your sister school