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Teach In China

Why Teach in China?

China has over 300 million students with a demand for over 100,000 teachers. Parents believe in the value of having their children learn English as a competitive advantage. But having teaching experience in China is also a competitive advantage for the educator, especially if you are instructing in science, math, social studies, and other subject areas. Teaching in China allows teachers, who are from different cultures, to come together to learn from one another and make positive connections. It is also a chance for you to travel to different cities, to gain abundant experiences, and to make an impact on young people. Teachers will be responsible for helping international students learn about a new culture and improve their English language. Teachers also help students create new opportunities to learn and communicate in the English language and assist them to succeed in furthering their educational goals in a global society. Teachers who teach abroad are doing much more than sharing and visiting another country. International educators have an outstanding opportunity to do something that is memorable and meaningful which can change their students’ lives.

What ACEE Provides?

ACEE provides teachers the opportunity to teach different subjects in our partner schools in China as well as teach English to students in K-12 schools. ACEE also supports teachers to obtain a work visa, training, accommodations, and adapting to a new culture environment in the classroom setting while helping them to start on their international teaching career. Teachers who work for ACEE will not only bring cultural learning opportunities to students but also offer the international student of all ages to connect to the language English. Teachers use a variety of teaching strategies for students to enjoy learning English and other subjects. In addition, they provide an in depth understanding of language and cultural differences.

Who Teaches in China?

ACEE teachers are professionals of all ages with lots of energy and enjoy teaching. They are passionate in working with students. They also like traveling and exploring new cultures. Our teachers are looking for a boost in their education career. They want to create great memories on their trips while doing something productive. Most of our teachers have an interest in sharing knowledge, exchanging cultural experiences, and learning about others’ perspectives. This is a unique journey that our teachers take and ACEE is a supportive partner.

What you need to teach in China?

  • A bachelor’s or master’s degree

  • Teaching Credentials (preferred)

  • TEFL/TESOL Certification (60/120 hours completed)

  • 2 years post-graduate work experience in any field

  • Tutoring or teaching experience (preferred)

  • Ages of 24 and 55 to qualify for working visa in China

  • The ability to obtain a clear background check

  • Be a Native English Speaker

  • Citizenship and passport from the USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, or Australia